X-ray Diffraction (XPD)

The method of X-ray diffraction (XRD) probes the crystal structure of material, providing critical information on its properties. Studies can include the characterization of complex multilayered semiconductors, thin film phase analysis, reciprocal space mapping, residual stress and texture analysis, and surface reflectivity.


X-ray diffraction utilizes the constructive interference of X-ray with the crystallographic arrangement of solid materials to identify the structure and phase composition.


PANalytical's X'Pert PRO MRD Diffractometer

  • CuKa – X-ray anode 2.2K
  • PW3060/20 MRD Sample Cradle in Bragg–Brentano Goniometer Configuration
  • Ge[220] Monochromator (PW3110/xx)
  • PreFix Mono-capillary Holder (PW3145/00)
  • X-ray Lens (PW3146/xx)
  • Parallel Plate Collimator for diffracted beam collimation (PW3098/xx)
  • Triple Axis and Rock (PW3120/69)