La Trobe Sport and Exercise Medicine Research Centre Staff

We love research and are passionate about seeing our findings translated into practice.

Research Fellows

Name Position Telephone Email
Professor Kay Crossley Centre Director 03 9479 3902
Dr. Peter Brukner Research Professor/Project Advisor
Dr. Joanne Kemp NHMRC Emerging Leadership Fellow 03 9479 1428
Dr. Christian Barton Associate Professor Physiotherapy
Dr. Andrea Bruder Senior Lecturer 03 9479 5853
Sallie Cowan Senior Research Fellow WHISE
Dr. Adam Culvenor NHMRC Emerging Leadership Res Fellow 03 9479 5116
Dr. Danilo De Oliveira Silva Senior Lecturer Physiotherapy 03 9479 1892
Dr. Marc-Olivier Dube Knee Research Fellow
Dr. Allison Ezzat Research Fellow 03 9479 2769
Dr. Marcella Ferraz Pazzinatto GLAD Clinical Trial and Data Manager
Dr. Joshua Heerey Research Fellow (Knee and Hip) - LASEM
Dr. Matthew King Senior Lecturer, Physiotherapy 03 9479 3531
Dr. Andrea Mosler Senior NHMRC Research Fellow (LASEM)
Brooke Patterson Research Fellow Project Manager 03 9479 3843
Dr. Ebonie Rio Snr Research Fellow AUS Ballet and LASEM 03 9479 3785
Dr. Anthony Schache Principle Research Fellow
Dr. Mark Scholes Lecturer, Physiotherapy 03 9479 3862
Prasanna Sritharan Research Fellow

Research Officers

Name Position Telephone Email
Amanda Attanayake Research Officer, Knee Res Proj (LASEM)
Amy Donato Research Officer, Knee Res Proj (LASEM)
Karen Dundules Proj Coord - Community and Public Health
Seb Evans Research Off Knee Res Project (LASEM)
Ali Gibbs Cohort Study and Clinical Trial Coord
Libby Gracias Research Off Knee Research Projects 03 9479 3318
Josh Hill Research Off, Knee Res Projects (LASEM) 03 9479 5442
Vincent Lengkong Research Officer (Clinical Res Coord)
Eliza Roughead Research Officer - Prep to Play
Harriette Slater Research Officer Knee Research Projects
Laura To Research Off Knee Research Proj (LASEM)