Consumer and Community involvement

We include people in research, via our Consumer and Community Involvement program.

People with (or at risk of) musculoskeletal pain/injury are central to research design, delivery, and dissemination. People with lived experiences partner with researchers to conduct meaningful research and improve health outcomes.

People with (caring for or working with) sports-related injury (e.g. knee or concussion), can join our Consumer Advisory Groups (CAG). We strive for diversity in age, gender, experience, and geographical location. No research or scientific background is required. 

Consumers are consulted across our projects. Explore our Consumer Advisory Groups below. If you are interested in getting involved join our network.

HERsport Consumer Group

Aim: To design, deliver, and disseminate research to make sport safer for women and girls.

Who is, or can be, in the CAG?

  • Women and girls who play/ have played sport at any level (with and without a history of injury)
  • Coaches and administrators (any sex/gender)
  • Researchers or people from other sports, with an interest in injury prevention (any sex/gender).

Current CAG activities

  • Co-designing research projects to reduce concussion in women’s football (AFL)
  • Parents and/or carers of women and girls who play/have played sport at any level (with and without a history of injury).

Completed CAG activities