FaPMI for Professionals

Practice models

The FaPMI Program has identified two practice models, Let’s Talk About Children (Let’s Talk) and Single Session Family Consultation (SSFC)  that enhance clinical practice to improve outcomes for families.

Let’s Talk is a brief, evidence-based method that trains professionals to have a structured discussion with parents who experience mental illness about parenting and their child’s needs.

The model uses conversations with the parent to help both the parent and worker to explore the needs of the child, how the parent’s mental health may be affecting their parenting and their child, and the supports they may need.

The intervention consists of a preliminary discussion and subsequent conversations between the parents and their worker. If necessary, a network meeting with other workers then follows.

The Bouverie Centre was a partner in the four-year Mental Illness Research funded project from the Victorian Government to adapt Let’s Talk for Victorian adult clinical mental health services, mental health community supports services and family sectors.

Let’s Talk training is offered by Emerging Minds.

SSFC is a brief model of family engagement and inclusion (initial 1-3 sessions and then as needed).  The Bouverie Centre offers SSFC training (see Professional Development). For professionals working within AMHS Local Area Mental Health FaPMI Coordinators can also provide consultation and support.

Single Session Family Consultation with a FaPMI lens is in development and will be available soon.

Peer Support Programs for children and young people

Just under a quarter of Victorian children live in a household where a parent has a mental illness, but this is not always openly talked about and can be a lonely experience for both children and parents. Peer support programs provide an opportunity for children and young people to connect with others who share and understand their experiences while learning about mental illness, learning self-care and coping strategies, and having fun.

There is no cost for children and young people to attend CHAMPS or Space4Us. Check with your Local Area Mental Health FaPMI Coordinators to find out when programs are running in your area.

Peer Support Facilitator Training

This training is recommended for mental health clinicians, peer facilitators and community support workers who work with families where a parent has a mental illness and would like to facilitate groups for children.

CHAMPS and Space4Us are peer support groups where children and young people connect with others who have similar experiences while learning more about mental health and mental illness, learning coping strategies, and having a lot of fun.

The 3-day facilitator training includes theory and practical components.

    DAY 1 – Introduction

    An introduction to CHAMPS and Space4Us training.

    DAY 2 – CHAMPS

    Learn how to facilitate CHAMPS peer groups, designed for children aged 8 to 12

    DAY 3 – Space4Us

    Learn how to facilitate Space4Us peer groups, designed for young people aged 13 to 18

    Training cost $75 (incl. GST) at time of writing