FaPMI for Families

FaPMI Coordinators work within Adult Mental Health Services. They support professionals to identify and respond to the needs of clients and their families.

FaPMI brokerage

The Victorian Government provides funds (brokerage) to Adult Mental Health Services to use to support FaPMI families. This support is intended to help improve or maintain healthy family relationships, and help families participate more fully in the community. Brokerage is available through your local FaPMI Coordinator when a family is linked in with a local support service. Approval is dependent on identified family need and broader brokerage budgeting considerations.

FaPMI expansion

Further FaPMI resources will be rolled out by the Victorian Government from 2022. This three-year rollout will provide additional funding for brokerage and for Adult Mental Health Services to employ community workers. The community workers will have a particular focus on guiding children, young people and young carers to appropriate supports.

Peer Support Programs for children and young people

Peer support programs provide an opportunity for children and young people to connect with others who share and understand their experiences while learning about mental illness, learning self-care and coping strategies, and having fun.

The CHAMPS program is for children aged between 8 and 12 who have a parent or adult family member with a mental illness, including children who do not live with their parents.

Parents or other primary carers are invited to attend the parents peer support group which runs at the same time.

“I liked everything…I learned I am not alone and there’s other people like me” (Child 11 yrs)

The Space4Us program is designed for young people aged between 13 and 18 who have a parent or adult family member with a mental illness, including young people who do not live with their parents.

It’s an opportunity to meet new people, hear from others in similar situations, and learn new ways of looking after yourself.

There is no cost to attend CHAMPS or Space4Us. Check with your mental health professional to find out when programs are running in your area.

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