Fostering Realistic Hope

Fostering Realistic Hope is a therapeutic workshop for families supporting a family member with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD).

This free 2-day workshop invites you to share and respond to stories of living with BPD and the effects it has on your life and relationships.

You will also be encouraged to explore with the facilitator your own and professional ideas, and ways of responding to the effects of BPD on families. It provides realistic ways to promote and support positive relationships and initiatives.

Note: This workshop is for a family carer, friend or partner of someone experiencing BPD or BPD symptoms. Professionals and healthcare and welfare practitioners are welcome to attend Working Relationally with Borderline Personality Disorder.

Practices you will be introduced to include:

  • sharing, witnessing and contributing to each others' stories
  • relational mindfulness
  • restarting reflection/re-storying the conversation
  • acknowledgment validation
  • relational limit setting

What we hope you will take away

  • A better understanding of the effects of BPD on families’ lives through the sharing of experiences and knowledge
  • The capacity to identify and resource coping initiatives that make a difference for you and your family
  • The ability to mindfully notice habitual and unhelpful relational-interactional patterns that we often become stuck in
  • A mindful space for reflection and realistic action


Peter McKenzie (PhD, MA ClinFamTher) is an anthropologist, clinical family therapist and academic. He is also the Carer Academic and is a family practice consultant in the mental health program at The Bouverie Centre.

He has been working in the area of families with complex needs and BPD for over 15 of years, both clinically and as a trainer and advocate.

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