Our workforce research

Being an integrated practice-research centre, we collaborate with all of the groups with whom we work, including all course participants, to continually improve our services and the work we do, and to build knowledge about family wellbeing, systems health, and the workforce initiatives that best support this.

People attend our courses about working with different groups of people, including families, individuals, children, groups, staff teams, and supervisees.

We have developed a series of questions to allow you to track your own progress and reflect on the learnings from attending our course. It also helps us to understand workforce needs and training impacts. This will further refine our work and disseminate our learnings to the field.

Baseline Questionnaire (Required)

As part of our workforce research, it is a requirement for all our course participants to respond to pre-course questions (Baseline Questionnaire) prior to accessing our course and course materials.

The questionnaire will take approximately 15 – 20 minutes to complete. We encourage you to complete the Baseline Questionnaire in the week prior to your course commencing.

Post-learning Questionnaire (Required)

Course participants are also required to complete the post-course questions (Post-learning Questionnaire) at the end of the course to obtain their Certificate of Completion.

The questionnaire will take approximately 15 – 20 minutes to complete.

Consent to add your responses to our research (Voluntary)

We ask your consent for your responses to be added (anonymously) to our workforce research datapool, for research translation purposes. Read our Participant Information Statement and Consent Form to find out more. Whilst responding to the Baseline and Post-learning Questionnaire is a requirement, your consent to add your responses to our datapool is voluntary.