Capabilities, resources and researchers

Our team has expertise in the isolation and analysis of extracellular vesicles from cells, biofluids and tissues and next generation deep sequencing of EV cargo (especially small RNAseq and available workflow/technology).

Team members
NameResearch areaDepartmentPositionRCEV position

Professor Suresh Mathivanan

EVs in cancer and systems biologyBiochemistry and GeneticsProfessorDirector
Dr Maria LiaskosBacterial extracellular vesiclesPhysiology, Anatomy and
Senior Lecturer and
Inaugural veski Inspiring
Women Fellow
Deputy director
Professor Marilyn AndersonFungal vesiclesBiochemistry and GeneticsProfessorChief investigator 
Dr Lesley ChengmiRNA biomarkersBiochemistry and GeneticsResearch FellowChief investigator
Dr David GreeningCancer microenvironment, reproductive biology, proteomicsBiochemistry and GeneticsBruce Stone Senior FellowChief investigator
Professor Andrew HillEV functional analysis and neurobiologyBiochemistry and GeneticsProfessorChief Investigator
Dr Mark HulettCell clearanceBiochemistry and GeneticsSenior LecturerChief investigator
Dr Ivan PoonApoptotic vesiclesBiochemistry and GeneticsNHMRC Career Development FellowChief investigator
Professor Richard SimpsonCancerBiochemistry and GeneticsDistinguished ProfessorChief investigator

EV capabilities and resources

  • infection and cancer
  • animal models of neurobiology
  • agricultural and clinical applications
  • isolation and characterisation of fungal EVs
  • nanoparticle size analysis using qNano and Nanosight
  • bioinformatics
  • integrated proteogenomic analyses
  • cryo-EM, confocal microscopy and live cell imaging
  • cell based functional analysis
  • intracellular trafficking of bacterial outer membrane vesicles