Diversity and abundance of moths and beetles

Project name: Diversity and abundance of moths and beetles in Greenfleet reforestation plantings to offset carbon emissions

Reforestation of cleared land, such as pasture, is a potential avenue for restoring biodiversity. This study was conducted in carbon offset plantings established by Greenfleet in areas comprising a mosaic of remnant forest and pasture.

Greenfleet works with private landholders, local and State Governments to reforest cleared land using a mix of native species that would have been present in the area prior to land clearing. In addition to sequestering CO2, Greenfleet seeks to establish ‘biodiverse forests’.

This project addressed the following questions:

  • What is the abundance and diversity of moths and beetles in Greenfleet plantings, remnants and pasture?
  • How does the age of plantings influence insect diversity?
  • How does proximity to remnants influence insect diversity in plantings?

This project documented the insect diversity of Greenfleet’s forests and how they could be used for dual accreditation, i.e. carbon offsets and biodiversity credits.

Project partners

  • Securing Food, Water & the Environment
  • Research Focus Area
  • La Trobe University
  • Greenfleet