Current research and publications

  • Susan Lawrence (Archaeology), Rivers of Gold: the legacy of historical gold mining for Victoria's rivers
    ARC Discovery Project with Ian Rutherford, Ewen Silvester, Darren Baldwin, Mark Macklin
  • Katie Holmes (History), Changing landscapes, changing people: Australia's southern Mallee lands, 1830 – 2012
    ARC Discovery Project with Richard Broome, Andrea Gaynor, Charles Fahey, Ruth Ford
  • Jillian Garvey (Archaeology), Palaeoenvironments and human adaptation in the Late Quaternary of the semi-arid Murray River Valley, northwestern Victoria
    ARC Discovery Early Career Research Award
  • Clare Wright (History), Red Dirt Dreaming: Re-Imagining the History of Mining in Australia
    ARC Future Fellowships
  • Tracey Banivanua Mar (History), Rehearsals in Colonialism: Tracking Transpacific Expressions of Indigenous and Settler Sovereignty, 1788 - 1900
    ARC Future Fellowships
  • Sarah Hayes (Archaeology), An Archaeology of Quality of Life During Victoria's Gold Rush
    ARC Discovery Early Career Research Award
  • Nicola Stern (Archaeology), 'A stitch in time: revealing and protecting vestiges of cultural heritage of the First Australians by integrating landscape archaeology with modern process studies at Lake Mungo'.
    ARC Discovery Project with Zenobia Jacobs, Simon McClusky, Ian Williams, Colin Murray-Wallace, Rainer Grun, Timothy Denham
  • Helen Lee (Anthropology), Pacific Islanders in regional Victoria: visitors, migrants and overstayers
    ARC Linkage Project

Related projects

  • Marija Tabain (Linguistics), Understanding the sounds of Australia's indigenous languages
    ARC Future Fellowships
  • Penelope Crook (Archaeology), An archaeology of colonial consumption: Sydney trade and material culture, 1799-1901
    ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Award
  • Andy Herries (Archaeology), A new chronological framework to access regional variability in mid-Pleistocene archaeological, palaeoecological and palaeo-climatic data from Africa
    ARC Future Fellowships
  • Richard Cosgrove (Archaeology), Well beaten paths: antiquity of Tasmanian Aboriginal land use
    ARC Discovery Project with Jillian Garvey, John Web