Austin Health

The partnership between Austin Health and La Trobe University produces research and education that is innovative, collaborative and fosters evidence-based practice.

The partnership between Austin Health and La Trobe University produces research and education that is innovative, collaborative and fosters evidence-based practice.

It is creating a vibrant research, education and learning precinct in Melbourne's northeast.

Led by Professor Kristina Edvardsson, the Austin Health ARCH promotes a research culture through local and national industry partnerships and international collaborations. Nursing and allied health leaders, in partnership with consumers, also provide workforce training to build knowledge and capability in evidence-based practice. It is a hub for information, coordination and advocacy for clinical and health services research at Austin Health and beyond.

The partnership embodies Austin Health’s vision: to shape the future through exceptional care, discovery and learning. Through this partnership we’re openly working with staff and the community to achieve great outcomes. Through research, education and learning, we are exploring new opportunities that will change healthcare for the better.

About Austin Health

Austin Health is a leading specialist tertiary and quaternary health service. It is recognised for its high quality, safe, person-centred care, leading teaching and research, and as a place where staff and volunteers are proud to work.

Austin Health is renowned for its specialist work in infectious diseases, obesity, sleep medicine, intensive care medicine, neurology, endocrinology, mental health and rehabilitation, and is an internationally-recognised Centre of Excellence in Hospital-based Research.

It is the largest Victorian provider of training for specialist physicians and surgeons.

Austin Health’s state-wide services include the Victorian Spinal Cord Service; Victorian Respiratory Support Services; Victorian Liver Transplant Unit; Acquired Brain Injury Unit; Austin Toxicology Service; Victorian Poisons Information Centre; and Psychological Trauma and Recovery Service.

In collaboration with its affiliated research centres, independent medical research institutes and partnerships, Austin Health delivers ground-breaking discoveries that benefit patients worldwide.

Austin LifeSciences brings together almost 1,000 researchers and several research institutes to achieve better health outcomes for our local, national and international communities.


The ARCH partnership between Austin Health and La Trobe University aims to strengthen the evidence base of nursing, allied health, psychology, public health and life sciences research, education and practice.

There is a focus on person-centred care, health outcomes for older people and people with dementia, stroke, cardiology, and those in ICU and rehabilitation. Health workforce education and training also feature strongly.

The ARCH encourages and facilitates clinicians and researchers to translate findings into policies and practice. Activities are consumer-oriented and co-produced with stakeholders.

Current areas of priority include aging and aged care; managing dementia and cognitive impairment; rehabilitation in people with chronic diseases, such as stroke.

Some examples of research at Austin Health include:


The partnership between Austin Health and La Trobe University provides clinical education placements to undergraduate and postgraduate allied health and nursing students, and research students in the Schools of Nursing and Midwifery, Allied Health, Human Services and Sport, Psychology and Public Health.

This bridges the gap between theory, research and practice at all levels of tertiary education, from entry to practice degrees, through to postgraduate training and doctoral research supervision.

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