Bioinformatics services can be obtained through the platform at an hourly rate. Researchers associated with La Trobe University can obtain a subsidised rate, which makes this capability accessible to most researchers. We can provide expert advice in experimental design, data analysis, visualisation and publication.


The main areas where we can help you with Bioinformatics analysis are:

  • General Bioinformatics Advice: Software usage, Basic QC, Read-mapping, variant calling,  R (Statistics) etc.
  • Differential Expression: RNA-Seq/transcriptomics, Microarray
  • Analysis: Go term/pathway, Gene set testing, ChIP-Seq, Variant Calling, etc.
  • Data Processing: Scripting, Parallel Computing etc
  • Software tool and pipeline development
  • Bio-Computing: CLC Genomics, High-Performance Computing (LIMS-HPC)
  • Software Install: Software packages on LIMS-HPC
  • Grants: work estimates for grant applications

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If you wish to make use of our bioinformaticians, please complete the a Check-list below. Our team will contact you to arrange a quote and a date when it can be performed.

Quote / Project Checklist

If you wish to have a consultation it can be arranged after completing the check-list.

Price guideline

La Trobe staff and students have access to free basic bioinformatics and more specialised bioinformatics at a subsidised rate. See the Bioinformatics Pricing document for more details.

Bioinformatics pricing [PDF 408KB].

Software / Hardware Resources


LIMS-HPC is a High Performance Computer specialised for genomics research. It has over 340 software packages available to researchers most from genomics and related fields.


La Trobe HPC (Intersect)

La Trobe has a university-wide HPC which can be used for Genomics research.

More information on Intersect-HPC


La Trobe University owns floating licenses for Geneious.

Request access to Geneious