The Genomics Platform has three staff who are guided by a director and steering committee.



Director - Dr Mathew Lewsey

Dr Mat Lewsey runs the Genomics Platform under the guidance of the Genomics Platform Steering Committee.

Scientific Programmer - Andrew Robinson

  • General Bioinformatics Advice: Software usage, Basic QC, Read-mapping, variant calling
  • Data Processing: Scripting, Parallel Computing etc
  • Bio-Computing: CLC Genomics, High-Performance Computing (LIMS-HPC)
  • Software Install: Software packages on LIMS-HPC

Bioinformatician -

  • Differential Expression: RNA-Seq/transcriptomics, Microarray
  • Analysis: Go term/pathway, Gene set testing, ChIP-Seq, Variant Calling, etc.
  • General Bioinformatics Advice: R (Statistics) etc.

Research Officer - Asha Haslem

  • Sample preparation: Advice, training and service