Data management

  • Are you are getting the best value from your research data, now and in the future?
  • Are you managing your research data to meet the requirements of La Trobe, research funders, and legislation?

Check out a short video on tools that you can use to help you get Data Ready.

View the Library's Data Ready Guide to learn how to manage your data more effectively.

Data Ready Guide

Planning - Learn how to use La Trobe’s data management planning tool to create a research data management plan.

Storage - Learn about storing your data safely and securely.

Getting organised - Learn how to organise your data for efficient research.

Copyright and licensing - Learn about copyright and licensing for research data.

Sensitive data - Learn about managing sensitive data.

Sharing and publishing data - Learn about data sharing and publication.

End of project - Learn about what to do with your data once your research project is complete.

Research data management background - The context for research data management at La Trobe University.