Our vision

Mission of Digital Research

The mission of the Digital Research program at La Trobe University is to provide a world-class digital research environment to enable and accelerate new research outcomes through the engagement of researchers with advanced and emerging information and computing technologies and appropriate support services.

To enhance research capability

La Trobe's key objectives for sustaining research excellence includes improving the reach and impact of its research, developing strategically important research collaborations and deep partnerships, and enhancing the experience and outcomes for its graduate researchers.

Digital Research is at the interface between research and advanced information and computing technology. It is an enabling function that allows powerful technologies to be applied across all stages of the research life cycle, from data collection, to analysis, processing, visualisation, and data publishing.

La Trobe's Digital Research program is guided by the needs of researchers and its objective is to provide researchers with the tools and support they require to execute and accelerate their research programs and achieve research outcomes.

The goals of the Digital Research program are to:

  • Enable researchers to actively engage with information and computing technologies
  • Develop Digital Research expertise among researchers within the University
  • Proactively enhance institutional research capabilities
  • Support the management of data throughout the research lifecycle to enable its appropriate capture, curation, analysis, publication, discovery and reuse.

If La Trobe is to achieve the goal in becoming a leader in the support it provides for its researchers, it is essential that it has world class capacity in Digital Research. The Digital Research program will enable this to be achieved.