Privacy collection

The University is committed to ensuring that it collects, stores and handles information in a manner consistent with its obligations under applicable privacy legislation.

These obligations extend to personal information collected regarding staff, students and other individuals with whom it interacts.

Detailed guidance and procedures outlining how the University manages its privacy compliance obligations in relation to personal and health information it collects and holds can be found in the La Trobe University Privacy Policy.

Privacy Collection Notices

The University is required to provide a notice to an individual prior to, at the time of, or as soon as practicable after, collecting personal information. This notice is a statement that explains what information needs to be collected, the primary purpose of the collection, and how it will be used.

Currently, the University has dedicated Collection Notices that address common circumstances in which personal information is gathered, which can be found via the links below:

More information

If you have questions or concerns about how your personal or health information is being handled by the University, please contact the University’s Privacy Officer.

If you are a staff member who needs to collect personal information in a circumstance not addressed by the above dedicated Collection Notices, please go to the Privacy Intranet Page for more information or contact the Privacy Officer for advice.

Contact our Privacy Officer