Our staff

We have a diverse and talented range of staff with experience in local and international environments from universities to medical research institutes.

Our staff also have active collaborative links with high profile external organisations and researchers. These include the University of Melbourne (Florey Institute, Bio21 Institute, WEHI, St Vincent's Institute of Medical Research, and Melbourne Brain Centre), Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute, the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine, the Royal Melbourne Hospital, the Northern Hospital, and other tertiary institutions, as well as international collaborations with the Salk in Austria and JSS College of Pharmacy, India.

Our collaborations provide students with the latest knowledge and developments in their discipline.

We are proud to showcase award winning teachers who have been recognised for making outstanding contributions to student learning, receiving the Vice Chancellor's award for teaching excellence as well as awards from the Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC).

Ms Claire AllanResearch Officer+61 0 94791412Claire.Allan@latrobe.edu.au
Ms Kristina AnevskaResearch OfficerK.Anevska@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Sarah AnnesleyLecturer+61 3 9479 1412s.annesley@latrobe.edu.au
Ms Carolyn BellAssociate Lecturer+61 3 9479 1670C.Bell@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Andrew BendrupsHonorary Associate+61 3 9527 7393A.bendrups@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Natalie BittoResearch Officer in MicrobiologyN.Bitto@latrobe.edu.au
Ms Alison BrownAssociate Lecturer in Microbiology
Dr Teresa CarvalhoLecturer in Microbiology+61 3 94791274t.carvalho@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Jarrod ChurchLecturer in Human Physiology+61 3 9479 5869J.Church@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Bert De GroefSenior Lecturer+61 3 9479 1441b.degroef@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Michael De SilvaResearch Fellow in Vascular Biology & Immunopharmacology GroupT.DeSilva@latrobe.edu.au
Mr Henry DiepResearch Officer in Vascular Biology & Immunopharmacology Grouph.diep@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Quynh Nhu DinhResearch Officer in Vascular Biology & Immunopharmacology GroupQ.Dinh@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Elvan DjoumaSenior Lecturer in Pharmacology+61 3 9479 5005E.Djouma@latrobe.edu.au
Professor Grant DrummondHead of Department (PAM)+61 3 9479 5843g.drummond@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Seb DworkinLecturer in Pathophysiology+61 3 94795728S.Dworkin@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Megan EVANSResearch Officer in Vascular Biology & Immunopharmacology GroupM.Evans@latrobe.edu.au
Ms Bridie Feehan+61 3 94792105b.feehan@latrobe.edu.au
Mr Richard FernandezAssociate Lecturer+61 3 9479 3431r.fernandez@latrobe.edu.au
Professor Paul FisherProfessor of Microbiology+61 3 9479 2229P.Fisher@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Lisa FrancioneAssociate Lecturer (P/T)+61 3 9479 1670L.Francione@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Ashley FranksActing Academic Coordinator (Research)+61 3 9479 2206A.Franks@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Brian GrillsAssociate Professor in Pathophysiology+61 3 9479 5705Brian.Grills@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Sylvia GrommenLecturer +61 3 9479 1372S.Grommen@latrobe.edu.au
Professor Chris HandleyEmeritus Professor+61 3 9479 5800c.handley@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Karla HelbigSenior Lecturer, Group Leader+61 0 94796650k.helbig@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Deanna HorvathLecturer+61 3 9479 5756deanna.horvath@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Brooke HuuskesAssociate Lecture - Anatomy+61 3 94795755b.huuskes@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Maria JelinicNHMRC/NHF Research Fellow in Vascular Biology & Immunopharmacology Group+61 0 9479 3631m.jelinic@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Markandeya JoisSenior Lecturer+61 3 9479 2172M.Jois@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Courtney JudkinsResearch Officer in Vascular Biology & Immunopharmacology GroupC.Judkins@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Brianna JulienLecturer in Physiology+61 3 9479 5599B.Julien@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Helena KimResearch Fellow in Vascular Biology & Immunopharmacology Group+61 0 94793975H.Kim2@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Amy LarsenLecturer+61 3 9479 5570a.larsen@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Louise LexisSenior Lecturer+61 3 9479 6613l.lexis@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Maria Liaskos Senior Lecturer and Group Leader+61 0 9479 1264m.liaskos@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Kyungjoon (Joon) LimLecturer in Human Anatomy+61 3 9479 6309k.lim@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Aaron McDonaldAnatomy Discipline Head (Bundoora), Senior Lecturer+61 3 9479 5594A.McDonald@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Stuart McDonaldLecturer+61 3 9479 2035stuart.mcdonald@latrobe.edu.au
Mr Heath McGowanAssociate Lecturer+61 3 9479 2914h.mcgowan@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Lee MilesPostdoctoral Research Fellow+61 3 94793183L.Miles@latrobe.edu.au
Ms Anna Morris Lecturer & Subject Coordinator, Microbiology+61 3 9479 1501a.morris@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Ross O'SheaSenior Lecturer+61 3 9479 1713r.oshea@latrobe.edu.au
Mr David OrrLecturer+61 3 9479 5759D.Orr@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Rishi PathiranaResearch Officer in MicrobiologyR.Pathirana@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Steve PetrovskiLecturer+61 3 94792397steve.petrovski@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Giuseppe PosterinoSenior Lecturer+61 3 9479 1894g.posterino@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Tania Romano StasisLecturer+61 3 9479-1815t.romano@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Tom SamiricPhysiology Discipline Coordinator+61 3 9479 3417T.Samiric@latrobe.edu.au
Ms Oana SanislavResearch Officer in MicrobiologyO.Sanislav@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Subir SarkerPostdoctoral Research Officer+61 3 9479 2317s.sarker@latrobe.edu.au
Professor Robert SeviourEmeritus ProfessorR.Seviour@latrobe.edu.au
Professor Chris SobeyProfessor of Physiology and NHMRC Senior Research Fellow+61 3 9479 1316c.sobey@latrobe.edu.au
Professor George StephensonEmeritus Professor+61 3 9479 1775George.Stephenson@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Caroline TaylorLecturer+61 3 9479 5710caroline.taylor@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Colleen ThomasSenior Lecturer, Head, Cardiovascular Physiology Laboratory+61 3 9479 5593colleen.thomas@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Jency ThomasLecturer+61 3 9479 5755j.thomas@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Chris van der PoelSenior Lecturer+61 3 9479 5166c.vanderpoel@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Antony VinhSenior Research Fellow, Vascular Biology & Immunopharmacology Group+61 0 94795617A.Vinh@latrobe.edu.au
Ms Laura WhitburnLecturer+61 3 9479 5711L.Whitburn@latrobe.edu.au
Dr Lloyd WhiteAssociate Lecturer in Anatomy+61 3 9479 6035mailto:lloyd.white@latrobe.edu.au

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