Bendigo company digitises sheep sales

A digital platform created by a team of Bendigo tech experts – and further strengthened via La Trobe University’s Accelerator Program – is changing the way farmers and agents buy and sell livestock.

AgriNous enables stock agents and saleyards to digitally track the movement of sheep and lambs – from farm, all the way through to meat buyers and processors.

Co-founder, Joel Rockes, said most stock agents and saleyards are currently using time-consuming paper-based processes to facilitate livestock transactions.

“The traditional role of stock agents and saleyards is under increasing pressure, as producers and buyers are finding new ways to connect without them,” Mr Rockes said.

“The progressive agents know they need to re-invent themselves and embrace new technologies and business models in order to remain relevant.

“There are limited technologies currently in the market to meet this need, and that's where AgriNous sees an opportunity.”

To date AgriNous clients across Australia have transacted and handled in excess of 1.5 million sheep and lambs, and the team is now taking their solution to the cattle sector.

Mr Rockes was named the Inventor of the Year at the Bendigo Inventor Awards in September, which gave him and his co-founders – Marcus Pollock and Glenn Rea – direct entry into La Trobe’s Accelerator Program.

The Accelerator program rewards promising start-ups with up to $10,000, plus access to professional mentors, workspaces and workshops.

Many ideas have been turned into successful businesses through the program, since it was launched in 2017, including a remote patient-monitoring device, golf training aid and dog conservation detection service.

Head of Campus, Robert Stephenson, said it is rewarding to see the impact the program is having, particularly in regional areas like Bendigo.

“Many people can see a unique opportunity, but are unsure of how to develop their ideas into a viable business,” Mr Stephenson said.

“This program helps budding entrepreneurs to connect with mentors, and take their start-up idea to the next stage – and we have seen some extremely successful businesses launched as a result.”

Applications for the next round of La Trobe’s Accelerator Program close on Monday 3 June. More information can be found here.