Study tours bring culture to life

Social Inquiry study tours give students a global perspective, while also honing their professional and technical skills


Dr Kiran Shinde is leading a study tour to India in 2023.

A group of La Trobe Humanities and Social Sciences students will spend two weeks touring the city of Pune, investigating urban expansion around the fringes of a metropolitan city in Asia.

The visit to Pune – the eighth largest city in India, with a population of 4.5 million – will give students insight into the urbanisation pressures common to many Asian cities. Pune is a rapidly growing metropolitan city that represents a new economy that is driven by the IT and service industry.

“This study tour will give students first-hand experience of the multifaceted challenges that cities in Asia face,” says Dr Shinde.

“La Trobe students, along with students from host institutions, will conduct fieldwork in two fringe villages of Pune to explore ideas around socio-spatial change, community development, policy and planning, and conflicts when rural hinterland and peripheral fringes are engulfed by urban forces.”

“The tour will build cultural literacy, and social and professional skills.”


In 2023, 20 La Trobe students will use their knowledge and skills to help a village in Indonesia to develop and promote local homestays for international tourists.

The village is located next to one of Indonesia’s premier National Parks, famous for its elephants, primates and birdlife.

“The ecotourism project is a great opportunity for students to enhance their CVs and become more employable,” explains study tour leader, Dr Nicholas Herriman. “It also gives them an opportunity to immerse themselves in another culture and visit a truly wonderful National Park.”

“Students learn from each other and, most of all, from the local community."

Costs for the tour are covered by the Australian Government's New Colombo Plan.

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