Meet the School of Nursing and Midwifery's undergraduates

Meet the next generation of nurses and midwives

Meet our nursing and midwifery undergraduate students: Jeremy Helder, Jessie Cameron, Amelia Hayes, Samantha Wray-McCann and Mitsu Hitendra Patel.

Jeremy Helder

Jeremy Helder is undertaking our Bachelor of Nursing (Graduate Entry) degree.

“My first undergraduate degree was a psychology major, and I was contemplating further studies to become a registered psychologist. But when I took on a caring role for my dad, and the COVID-19 pandemic started, I had time to reassess my professional future. I learned that nursing offers diverse careers, and that was very appealing to me.

I am now studying a Bachelor of Nursing (Graduate Entry) degree. I enjoy studying theory in class, then putting what I learn into action in the simulation laboratories. The small class sizes are beneficial because it’s easy to engage with tutors and lecturers.

I’m only at the beginning of my nursing career, and I know there are many pathways that will interest me. For now, I would like to integrate the study from my two degrees, and work towards becoming a nurse in mental health.”

Jessie Cameron, Amelia Hayes and Samantha Wray-McCann

Meet our future nurses and midwives: Jessie Cameron, Amelia Hayes and Samantha Wray-McCann.

“Lectures and workshops provide the fundamental knowledge underpinning nursing and midwifery,” says Cameron, “but having the opportunity to put this learning into practice is vital.”

La Trobe’s Nursing and Midwifery Simulation Lab is a fully immersive experience that allows nursing and midwifery students to put theory into practice.

“The Simulation Lab allowed me to practice my critical thinking and clinical skills in a safe and supportive environment,” explains Cameron. “The post-simulation discussion enhanced my learning and has benefitted my training beyond measure. As a result, I feel far more confident on placement.”

“I look forward to supporting women through pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period when I graduate.”

Mitsu Hitendra Patel

Mitsu Hitendra Patel is a second-year student in our Bachelor of Nursing (Pre-registration) degree.

“I have always wanted to help people but I was not sure how. During a short hospital stay I saw one particular nurse caring for her patient. I could see what a difference she made to the patient’s experience in hospital. I realised then that nurses are a crucial part of the healthcare system supporting patients and I wanted to become a nurse.

I chose to study at La Trobe because it is well established and one of the best universities for nursing. It also known for its diversity. I have met amazing people during my studies. I have always felt at home here.

I completed my Diploma of Health Sciences and I am now in my second year of the Bachelor of Nursing degree. I enjoy learning about the human body, health and medicines, and applying this knowledge in real life situations. I am looking forward to putting my learning into practice during my placements.

When I finish my studies I would like to undertake a graduate year as a Registered Nurse. I would also like to use my degree to work and travel the world. Working as a nurse can take me anywhere!”

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