Updates to Document Delivery and holdshelf

Many of our academics and researchers use the Document Delivery service regularly to access the world's library collections for their research and teaching.  However, it's not widely known that all University staff can request copies and loans from other libraries to support their work too.

We have recently made improvements to the service, and there is now:

  • one system to manage all of your library loans and requests for books, chapters and articles from other libraries
  • one place to view your requests and borrowing history
  • new forms to facilitate the request process.

As the Document Delivery process is evolving, to make things easier we are phasing out the Collect and Go shelf, and combining it with the existing Hold shelf. All new requests, including Document Delivery photocopies, can be collected from the combined Hold shelf. When your request has arrived, you will get an email from Library-noreply@latrobe.edu.au, indicating your requested resource is available for collection from the Hold shelf.  Please note that all items on the Hold shelf must be checked out through the self check-out machines before they leave the Library.

For more information and how to make a request see our FAQ's or contact us.