LIMS Fellowships

The LIMS Endowment Fund was established to create new and sustainable opportunities for scientists with outstanding potential.

The inaugural Bruce Stone Fellowship in Chemical Biology and Nicholas Hoogenraad AO Fellowship in Molecular Sciences were awarded in 2015.

Both fellowships are named after two long-serving leaders: Professor Bruce Stone was the foundation professor of Biochemistry from 1972 – 1989, succeeded by Professor Nicholas Hoogenraad AO, who later became the first Director of LIMS. Professor Hoogenraad retired in 2014.

Dr Nicholas Reynolds

Dr Nicholas Reynolds is a Nicholas Hoogenraad AO Fellow in Molecular Sciences.

Dr Nicholas Reynolds graduated with a PhD from the University of Sheffield (UK) in 2009 before undertaking postdoctoral fellowships and research positions at the University of Zurich, CSIRO and the ARC Training Centre for Biodevices (Swinburne University of Technology).

Dr Reynolds joined LIMS in 2019. His research focuses on investigating the structures of self-assembled nanobiomaterials at length scales from the molecular to the macroscale. The discovered materials have applications in tissue engineering, biosensing, drug delivery and understanding neurodegenerative and other amyloid based diseases.

Dr Reynolds works closely with other academics, biotech companies and hospitals to promote the translation of fundamental research discoveries into devices and commercial products that have real-world impact. Dr Reynolds has published 31 research papers (12 first (or joint first) author, eight corresponding author, > 800 citations) in high impact journals including Nature Communications, Chemical Society Reviews, The Journal of the American Chemical Society and Advanced Functional Materials.

For further information on Dr Nicholas Reynold's research, visit his lab page.