Past events and seminars

Wednesday 11 April 03:00pm

Featuring Professor Teresa Iacono on Mainstream school capacity & Anoo Bhopti on Family Quality of life with a child with disability

Wednesday 28 March 06:30pm

 It's been five years since the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) was launched with the promise of revolutionising the care and support of people with a range of abilities.  In 2018 it's time to ask - has that commitment been delivered?

Wednesday 14 March 03:00pm

featuring Dr. Hilary Johnson, 'Speaking up and being safe: Providing a safety net' & Professor Magnus Tideman: Reflecting on Australian Disability Policy

Wednesday 14 February 03:00pm

LiDs February Seminar - Dr. Piers Gooding Melbourne Social Equity Institute & Melbourne Law School, University of Melbourne presents the project: 19 Stories of Social Inclusion: Lessons from the Lives of Everyday Australians on Belonging, Disability and Community Contribution.

Wednesday 13 December 03:00pm

Featuring research from Sophia Tipping and Dr Emma Bould

Wednesday 08 November 12:00am

Presentations delivered by LiDs staff at the ASID 2017 Conference

Friday 03 November 10:00am

This master class is in two parts: Dedifferentiation, intended and the unintended consequences, and two portmanteau words that are commonly used in intellectual disability.

Wednesday 01 November 10:00am

Concise presentations from researchers followed by intense plenary discussion between researchers and practitioners. Contact us to book your place.

Tuesday 31 October 10:00am

Explore new approaches to ethical problems posed by challenging behaviour: embracing neurodiversity, recognizing equality, seeing resistance, and loving redemption.

Friday 27 October 10:00am

By reframing and broadening approaches to social inclusion, Clifford Simplican provides new approaches to thinking about interventions to support inclusion

Tuesday 24 October 10:00am

Dr Stacey Clifford Simplican uses Tronto’s care theory and democratic theory to stimulate new ways of thinking about direct support work with people with intellectual disability.

Wednesday 11 October 03:00pm

Featuring research from Dr Lucy Knox on supporting the decision-making participation of adults with traumatic brain injury (TBI) and Jenna Mcnab who's talk is titled 'Fifty Shades of Grey: Interpretation of Article 12 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD)'

Wednesday 13 September 03:00pm

With research from Kate D'Cruz and Prof Leeanne Carey

Wednesday 09 August 03:00pm

Featuring research from Dr Abby Foster and Dr Robyn O'Halloran

Wednesday 12 July 03:00pm

Featuring research from Andrea Grindrod and Dr Darren O'Donnovan

Wednesday 14 June 03:00pm

Featuring research from Dr Tal Araten-Bergman and Dr David Henderson

Friday 09 June 09:30am

Hear about the latest research related to group homes and learn about the impact of their culture and the role of practice leadership.

Is there Such a Thing as a Good Group Home Workshop, 28 April 2017

A workshop with Professor Christine Bigby of the Living with Disability Research Centre, in partnership with ASID and NDS.

Group homes are a very significant part of the system of services that supports people with intellectual disability. Prior to the NDIS approximately half of all Australian disability expenditure is on accommodation and most of this is on group homes. This workshop covers the following questions:
What does the research tell us? What action do we need to take to improve the quality? What are the alternatives?

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Policy and Practice of Support for Decision Making Workshop, 18 November 2016

This Roundtable was hosted to share information about Australian and international developments that are furthering the rights of people with cognitive disabilities to exercise their rights to participate in decision making about their own lives, and to discuss the policy and practice issues that have arisen as new approaches to support for decision making have been trialled. Seeks to answer:
What has been learned and what are the pressing issues to be resolved?

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