About the Centre


The Living with Disability Research Centre is one of the pre-eminent centres for social research into the lives and experiences of people living with cognitive disability in Australia. It has a national and international reputation for delivering quality research outcomes. Importantly, it is extremely effective at research translation - that is, working with the disability sector, its people and organisations, to implement projects that are evidence-based, as well as including people with a disability in research.

Research and Translation

People with disabilities and their families comprise one of the most disadvantaged and socially excluded groups in Australian society. Our purpose is to promote the social participation and inclusion of people living with disability.
Research activities are conducted across three broad themes.

  • Effectiveness of disability services;
  • Building the evidence base for participation and inclusion; and
  • Enabling mainstream services to be more inclusive.

As a result of our research, we aim to improve the effectiveness of health and community services for this disadvantaged group. We focus particularly on people with cognitive disabilities such as intellectual disability or acquired brain injury, but also people who have mental health problems, physical disabilities, aphasia or other language problems.

Annual Reports

See our annual reports, containing research updates and project summaries.


LiDs Annual Report 2015 Cover image, click for the PDF

LiDs Annual Report
2018 [PDF 1.5MB]

LiDs Annual Report
2017 [PDF 2.4MB]

LiDs Annual Report
2016 [PDF 1.8MB]

LiDs Annual Report
2015 [PDF 1.7MB]

Our mission

Our mission remains to improve the social inclusion and participation of people with cognitive disability through research, education and knowledge transfer. We will improve the evidence base to facilitate the development of practices, programs and policies in order to enable participation of people with cognitive disability and promote their social inclusion.


  • To be recognised as a national and international centre of excellence for research about the social inclusion and participation of people with cognitive disability and its translation to policy, practice, advocacy and social programs.
  • To continue to be the focal point for researchers in the area of social inclusion and participation of people with cognitive disability.
  • To be the recognised source of expertise in the translation of research about living with disability into policy and practice outcomes

Advisory Committee

Living with Disability Research Centre Advisory Committee assists the Director by:

  • Advising on policy and strategy to meet the aims of the Centre,
  • Participating in the appointment and advising on the administration of the Centre Director,
  • Advising, and assisting in reporting on the management of Centre resources,
  • Identifying potential new sources of funding for the Centre; and,
  • Receiving and endorsing the Annual Report of the Centre, and submitting it to Academic Board through the PVC (SHE) and the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research).

Current Advisory Committee Members are:

  • The Centre Director - Professor Christine Bigby
  • Staff member of the centre - Professor Jacinta Douglas
  • Head of School (School of Allied Health, Human Services and Sport) Nominee - Professor Anne Holland
  • Pro Vice-Chancellor (SHE College) Nominee - Professor Rob Pike

External members: