La Trobe Academy

The La Trobe Educational Leadership Academy will provide avenues for broad communities of practice, visible leadership and support networks, and opportunities for staff to develop shared projects and publications. By using the recognised expertise of members as exemplars, mentors and role models, the Academy will deliver a cohesive and academic-driven community of practice. As such, members will play a leadership role in growing La Trobe’s national and international reputation.

To find out more, please visit our La Trobe Academy intranet page [staff login required].

HEA Fellowships

What are HEA Fellowships?

HEA Fellowships are recognised as a badge of teaching excellence and are a transportable credential between institutions across the world.

Fellowships are offered at four levels, according to the appropriate level of experience in teaching or learning support. As at November 2021, there were over 150,000 HEA Fellows worldwide, with approximately 2,500 of these from Australia.

HEA Fellowships are applicable for a diverse range of academic and professional staff with different levels of experience – from early career teachers to those who can demonstrate deep, strategic learning and teaching impact within the institutional, national or international context. The support and resources for HEA Fellowships application also accessible to our sessional teaching staff or those that support learning in non-teaching roles.

HEA Fellowship Categories

DescriptorCategoryCareer Stages
D-1Associate FellowEarly career teaching/research staff, sessionals or teaching support staff
D-2FellowEarly career academics or experienced teaching support staff
D-3Senior FellowExperienced staff able to demonstrate impact and influence
D-4Principal FellowHighly experienced educators demonstrating sustained strategic and policy leadership


For all enquiries please contact Belinda Thompson, Senior Coordinator Fellowships and Awards via La Trobe Academy.