Our research programs

JLC bannerThe criteria for choosing specific research topics are that they are all major public health issues in terms of burden of disease, the implications for women and their families and the resource implications of the condition for health services or for society as a whole.

A major focus of a number of our projects is on the consequences of reproductive events for mothers, in particular causes of preterm birth and physical and psychological disorders initiated or aggravated by pregnancy, labour or birth. Studies addressing these issues include use of routinely collected data and record linkage, observational surveys and interview studies, cohort studies and randomised trials with long term follow-up of participants.

Another major focus is research on the transition to contemporary parenthood. We also have a strong interest in health services research, building on observational studies to design and implement intervention studies in hospitals, primary care and community settings. This involves working with health service managers, caregivers, community organisations and local councils to implement and evaluate interventions. Techniques of evaluation include health outcome assessment and process and impact measures, making use of both quantitative and qualitative methods. It also includes the development of culturally relevant research methods and approaches in regards to research of the health and childbearing experience of women of linguistically diverse backgrounds. Other research focus areas are breastfeeding, sexual and reproductive health and reducing violence against women and children.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Family Health

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander family health

Healing the past by nurturing the future

A research project supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families who have experienced complex trauma


Research projects in the area of breastfeeding

Mother and infant health

Research relating to mother and infant health and maternity services

Planned parenthood and reproductive rights

Research projects in the area of planned parenthood and reproductive rights

Reducing violence against women and children

Research projects in the area of reducing violence against women and children

Transition to Contemporary Parenthood

Research into how to best support parents in their new roles

Work and family

Work life and family balance and wellbeing