Design standards

The Design Standards, Version 16.1 [5.07MB] are to be used to enable design professionals to:

  1. Increase the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the project design, documentation and delivery process to the advantage of LTU.
  2. Ensure that LTU preserves and utilizes its corporate knowledge in relation to the delivery and management of its facilities.
  3. Assist LTU to provide teaching, learning, research and administration facilities that deliver on LTU policy objectives while managing the cost of operating and maintaining facilities within acceptable limits.

The Design Standards should not be read in isolation, but in conjunction with applicable legislation, and other standards and guidelines issued by State Government agencies, service providers and relevant authorities.

Majority of documents referenced within the Design Standards are accessible by selecting the document in section 3 (Referenced Documents) or clicking on the blue underlined text throughout the document.

The current Design Standards, Version 16.1 was updated 25 April 2018.


Summary of Ammendments



Summary of Amendments

16.125 April 2018Minor formatting changes
20 March 2018
Minor formatting changes
1613 December 2017Content and format review of all sections
15.119 April 2017
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