Contractor Registration and Induction

All contractors, consultants and suppliers must be registered and compliant in the University’s contractor management system, Rapid Induct, prior to starting work with the University. This system is used to ensure contracted companies are aware of, and maintain compliance with, University and legislative requirements.

Registration, Induction and Sign In

Prior to working with La Trobe University, your organisation must complete the registration process which requires the following:

  1. Assign a Company Administrator (an invitation to register will be sent to the Company Administrator), who will be responsible for:
    1. Creating an account and verify your company name and ABN.
    2. Completing the preferred supplier questionnaire and uploading:
      • Related documentation,
      • Company insurances (as related to the works being done, as stated in the relevant contract documentation).
  2. La Trobe University will then review your registration information and either approve your company or request further information.
  3. Once your company is approved, the Company Administrator will be notified and will then be required to issue passwords to employees and subcontractors for them to access and complete the mandatory online induction course.
  4. Only inducted staff and subcontractors from compliant companies are able to sign in on campus.
  5. All contractors and subcontractors must sign in and out every day.

For more detailed information, please refer to the Contractor Management System User Guide.

Frequently Asked Questions - Registration

Why will I need to re-submit my documents?

In line with our quality management processes, we will be requesting that companies re-register every 5 years to ensure we continue to hold up to date information on our contracted companies.

What type of questions will be asked during the registration process.

I&O have made a Registration Questionnaire Guideline document available to provide guidance on the topics that will be asked as part of the E-Form Questionnaire. This document also explain what type of evidence we are expecting to see to demonstrate your company's compliance. Not all questions will be relevant to your company as questions are populated based on your company personnel type.

How long will the registration process take?

I&O anticipates that the registration process should take between 10 and 45 minutes. However, this is dependent on your company’s classification and risk profile.

Our company doesn’t have a document or procedure being requested, what do I do?

Please answer NO to the question or provide some comments on why the question is not applicable or how your company manages this aspect. Not all requirements are mandatory and we wish to provide some flexibility to organisations who have a small risk profile.

I still need help!

For technical assistance, please contact the Rapid Global Team on:

Ph: 1800 374 595 (Mon-Fri, 8:30 - 6:00) or email:

For questions regarding the registration process, please contact I&O’s Rapid Administrator on:

Ph: 9479 2017 (Mon-Fri, 9.00 - 5:00) or email:

For questions related to the work you will be undertaking, please contact your La Trobe Representative.

Frequetly Asked Questions - Induction

Why do I have to re-do my Induction?

La Trobe requires contractors to re-do these inductions every 2 years. With the upgrade to Rapid, we took this opportunity to update our inductions for the purposes of:

  • Updating the contents to reflect current policies and practices,
  • Making the contents more relevant to our contracted companies based on their personnel type.

How long will the induction take?

It should only take 15 minutes and will hopefully provide you with some new, updated, and helpful information about working with La Trobe.

What information will be covered in the induction?

We have made our induction material available to view and to keep for future reference once your induction is completed.

All I&O induction courses are captured below:

I can't remember my password

please contact the Rapid Global Team on:

Ph: 1800 374 595 (Mon-Fri, 8:30 - 6:00) or email:

For questions regarding the registration process, please contact I&O’s Rapid Administrators on:

Ph: 9479 2017 or email:

For questions related to the work you will be undertaking, please contact your La Trobe Representative.

Once a company is compliant in Rapid they will receive work requests from our work order management system, Archibus. Please refer to the Work Order Management webpage which provides Contractors instructions on how to use Archibus.


The following documents will be required from all contractors:

Public and products liability insurance$20,000,000
Workers Compensation Sole traders may be requested to provide evidence of exemption
Professional Indemnity Insurance* $5,000,000 including run-off cover for six years

*Professional Indemnity Insurance required by all companies who provide professional advice.

Ongoing Compliance

Companies may become non-compliant in our system due to expired documentation and will be unable to continue work until the issue has been rectified.

Contractors and subcontractors will be required to redo their inductions every two years.

Notifications regarding expirations will be sent to the company’s nominated Administrator. Please make sure to keep your company contact details up to date to ensure emails are being sent to an appropriate mailbox.

Technical Assistance

For technical assistance with La Trobe University’s contractor management system, please contact the Rapid Induct Support team on 1800 307 595.