Augmented Reality (AR) Lab

Learn how to solve real business problems that use AR and create solutions used by industry

The Augmented Reality (AR) Lab located in the Digital Innovation Hub is a specialised workspace equipped with the necessary hardware, software, and tools to create, experiment with, and study augmented reality technology.

The lab serves as a dedicated space for researchers, developers, and designers to explore and advance the capabilities of AR, as well as develop new applications and experiences.

Our current lab includes products from Microsoft (Hololens), Magic Leap, Vuzix and Realware.  We are also experimenting with the Cisco Webex Hologram in use cases for healthcare, defence, education and resources industries

Companies are invited to participate by funding an Augmented Reality Project through the Digital Innovation Hub.

Discover more:

This program is run on as-needed basis established by companies wishing to explore AR for their businesses.

Making prototypes, learn how remote-assistance works using a range of AR devices, holograms and smart glasses.

Programs are structured to help industry create solutions. See below to learn about purchasing our AR development capability.

  • Find problems
  • Conduct project scoping
  • Appoint a team
  • Manage performance
  • Wrap-up
  • Model based systems engineering (MBSE)

Modules or topics covered:

  • Intro to AR devices;
  • SDKs for AR software engineering,
  • Rapid prototyping,
  • Design sprints,

  • $25,000 for a basic 10-day project

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