Disturbed or hostile person

If confronted by a violent or disturbed person

  • Remain calm, do not confront the person and do not do or say anything that may encourage further irrational behaviour.
  • Try to maintain a safe distance from the person, if possible keep furniture between the two of you.
  • Try to ensure that your exit route is not blocked by the person, and position yourself to quickly leave the area when necessary.

If a violent or disturbed person is in the vicinity

  • Stay out of sight of the intruder and make as little noise as possible.
  • If practical, or if ordered to do so - put in place lockdown procedures.
  • Contact your campus security/emergency response.
    • If there is no answer call emergency services on 000. Try to call security again to inform them of the emergency.
  • Follow the instructions of relevant emergency services personnel, campus security/emergency response and campus emergency control personnel.
  • Evacuate the building only if instructed to do so by emergency services personnel, campus security/emergency response personnel, and assist with the evacuation of disabled occupants.
  • If evacuation is ordered, move to the nominated evacuation assembly area, and do not leave the evacuation assembly area until advised to do so.
  • After the incident has been made safe complete an incident report.

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