Code Blue: Medical Emergency (First Aid)

A medical emergency refers to an injury, or illness, that is acute and poses immediate threat to another. These require first aid assistance until further assistance arrives (not all will require a response from Emergency Services).

Assess the situation and apply the DRSABCD Action Plan

D Danger: Ensure the area is safe for yourself, others and the patient.
R Response: Ask name, squeeze shoulders. Response?
S Send for help: Call 000 and Campus Security (03) 9479 2222 and contact the nearest First Aid Officer
A Airway: Check airway is clear, if foreign material is present place in recovery position and clear the airway.
B Breathing: Checking for breathing. Look, Listen, Feel.
C CPR: If required start CPR. 30 Compressions and 2 Breaths.
D Defibrillation: Apply the defibrillator and follow voice prompts

If the situation is life threatening, or there is any doubt, call emergency services on 000 and request the immediate attendance of an Ambulance. Report the location and nature of the medical emergency.

Once Emergency Services have been notified, call Campus Security on (03) 9479 2222 and advise that Emergency Services have been contacted.

While awaiting assistance to arrive be aware of the following:

  • Consider the person’s wishes if they are conscious and coherent
  • Ask people nearby to alert members of Campus Security
  • Administer first aid up to the level of your training
  • If possible, clear any obstructions from the immediate area
  • For non life threatening and minor injuries Campus Security can assist the patient to attend a Medical Centre.

Once the incident has been resolved and Emergency Services have left, the Campus Security team will complete an Incident Report and collect details from those involved.

Please ensure you speak with Campus Security before leaving the area.