Plant ecology

Students in the lab

  • Brad Farmilo (PhD) – How habitat fragmentation affects ecological processes in eucalypt forests
  • Tara Angevin (PhD) – Ecological resilience to climate change in temperate grasslands, south-east Australia
  • Seraphina Cutler (PhD) – Recovery of disturbed high mountain vegetation after anthropogenic disturbance
  • Nathan Wong (PhD) – Management and restoration of native grasslands for biodiversity

Past students

  • James Shannon (PhD 2012) – Understanding the ecology of shrubs in peatland dynamics
  • Sally Kenny (PhD 2012) – Ecology of fire in mallee landscapes
  • Andrew Scott (PhD 2011) -– Oldfield succession after cultivation in semi-arid grasslands
  • Jodi Price (PhD 2007) – Vegetation dynamics in herb-rich woodlands with an emphasis on the shrub-grass cycle
  • Susanna Venn (PhD 2007) – Patterns and ecological process in regeneration of alpine plants across an altitudinal gradient
  • Lynise Wearne (PhD 2005) – Effects of invasion by English Broom on subalpine vegetation: floristic and ecosystem responses
  • Peter Curtis (PhD 2003) – Ecology of the Austral Grass Tree – a long-term demographic study with special reference to fire response