Plant reproduction, ecological and conservation genetics

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Susan HoebeeDr Susan Hoebee

Research Lecturer (Botanical Stream), College of Science, Health and Engineering

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La Trobe Research: Susan Hoebee

In order to build a better understanding of how plant populations change over time and how increasing degrees of population fragmentation can affect the long-term survival of species, my research group investigates various aspects of plant reproduction, population genetics and the evolution.  We use a variety of techniques including traditional field-based ecological approaches and morphological investigations of floral characters associated with differing pollinating guilds, as well as single gene studies associated with mate choice and massively parallel, next-generation sequencing.  Our research typically focusses on issues of native species conservation and weed biology.

Recearch project themes

  • Recruitment bottlenecks in banksias
  • Conservation genetics of rare grevilleas
  • Diversity and structure of Victorian quandong
  • Phylogenetic investigations of subgroups of Grevillea
  • Phylogenetic studies of Gossia
  • Potential and realised mating systems
  • Invasion biology of Iridaceae
  • Colour morphs and pollinator preference
  • Batesian mimicry