The influence of the central nervous system (CNS) on long-term blood pressure (BP) levels and the relationship between BP and obesity and diabetes is a major focus of studies in the Neurophysiology Laboratory. Our research centres on cardiovascular neuroscience and fills a niche between the clinic and basic research. Work is carried out to understand the mechanisms that trigger cardiovascular diseases through environmental factors such as obesity.

Obesity induced by a high fat diet is a main area of investigation and research is also being conducted into its effects in the CNS. We use animal models of obesity, programming of adult disease, as well as cutting-edge physiology, molecular biology, neuropharmacology and imaging techniques to address the most pressing questions in the field.  Our work has provided novel insights into the roles of leptin and insulin as key players of controlling sympathetic nerve system.

Current projects

  • Maternal obesity and programming of hypertension in offspring: Role of brain neurotrophic factors.
  • Role of sympathetic nervous system in a treatment for diabetes in rabbits.

Team members

Group leader: Dr Joon (Kyungjoon) Lim