Sport Diplomacy free online course

Free course: How to be an effective ambassador through sport.

Our sport diplomacy Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), 'How to be an effective ambassador through sport' is the foundation of the sports diplomacy education and training framework. This course will allow Australian sport administrators, coaches, athletes, officials, diplomats and international partners to undertake online sports diplomacy education.

The purpose of the course is to enhance the capability of Australian sport stakeholders to represent and advance Australia’s interests in the Indo-Pacific and other regions.

Each module will be pitched at an introductory level to:

a) Sport people: to enhance sport diplomacy knowledge and skills. This includes:

  • athletes and coaches
  • professional and national team managers
  • high performance managers
  • officials (i.e. referees, umpires)
  • sport leaders and administrators
  • sport event managers
  • NGO workers
  • volunteers
  • sport scientists and educators

b) Diplomats: to enhance knowledge of Australian sporting culture, values and effective programs.

The course consists of four learning modules:

  • Module 1: Australian Sport Diplomacy and Policy
  • Module 2: Australian Sport Culture and Values
  • Module 3: Cultural Competence and Sport
  • Module 4: Diplomatic Tradecraft for Sport Stakeholders

Our sport diplomacy MOOC was developed by our Centre for Sport and Social Impact (CSSI) team in partnership with Australian Government's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

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