Global study opportunities

MBA Study Tour

The MBA Study Tour (BUA5MST) is an elective subject that provides MBA students with an opportunity to participate in an international or domestic study tour. Adopting an experiential learning approach, you have an opportunity to visit and observe a number of sites relevant to the business context of the specific tour, which may include events, businesses, cultural sites, organisations and authorities.

The learning experience is augmented through active engagement with professionals, investigation of the economic and social challenges facing the organisations visited and personal reflection of your experiences on tour. The study tour will enable you to apply your theoretical knowledge in a real-life business environment. This learning is supported by online and/or face-to-face learning activities and specific assessment tasks tailored to the nature of the study tour activities.

The MBA Study Tour with NORTH Link provided an opportunity for me to experience China and international trade like no other. Incredibly grateful to have been part of the delegation, receiving in-depth learning of culture, business interactions and opportunities within Chongqing and Chengdu. The friendships and networks made were invaluable and enhanced my MBA experience exponentially.

Alana Pendrick
Current student,
MBA (Online)


The exchange program allows you to travel abroad and study at the same time for a semester or two at one of our overseas partnered universities. Regardless if you are a domestic or international student, all students can apply and have access to many grants and scholarships to support you while you are overseas.

Overseas short programs

Short programs are not only a great way to spend your break from university, but also gain an overseas experience without disrupting your course structure. Depending on the kind of program, you can get credit toward your degree by participating in a short program.

You have the option to participate in various short programs and each has different global opportunities:

  • Short term academic programs
  • Internships or other Placements
  • Volunteering opportunities