Chinese Language and Cultural Training for Business

Experience the Chinese Language and Cultural Training for Business, meticulously designed by La Trobe Confucius Institute (CI), tailored for individuals immersed in business or planning travel to China. This immersive training, featuring 8 scenario-based learning modules, offers a dynamic approach to comprehending modern Chinese culture and language.


The Chinese Language and Cultural Training for Business aims to equip individuals with the confidence and knowledge to navigate the intricacies of contemporary Chinese culture, language, and business etiquette. Whether you're a business professional or a traveller planning a trip to China, this course ensures a comprehensive understanding of cultural nuances and practical language skills essential for successful interactions.

Key features

1. Scenario-Based Learning: Immerse yourself in 8 practical scenarios, ensuring direct applicability to real-world business and travel scenarios in China.

2. Developed by La Trobe CI: Crafted with precision by La Trobe CI, guaranteeing a top-tier learning journey.

3. Customisable and Flexible: Select any scenarios to customise your own training needs.

4. Engaging and Enjoyable: Expect an interactive and enjoyable learning atmosphere, fostering a positive and enriching experience.

5. Practical Focus: Focus on essential communication elements vital for success in Chinese business and social settings.

Suitable for

  • Business professionals engaging in Chinese markets.
  • Enthusiasts interested in a practical and enjoyable approach to learning Chinese for business or personal enrichment.
  • Individuals planning business trips or travel to China.
  • Organizations seeking to enhance employees' cross-cultural communication skills.

Training outcomes

Upon course completion, participants gain heightened confidence to navigate China with ease, equipped not only with language skills but also a deep cultural understanding and business etiquette. The scenario-based approach, enriched with multimedia elements, offers valuable insights into modern Chinese life while establishing a solid foundation in the Chinese language.

Training structure and fees

Select scenario-based learning sessions (e.g. airport, hotel, restaurant, meeting, travelling by train, visiting a factory and shopping) to customise the course according to your needs.

Each session will be based on a specific scenario you might encounter in China, covering vocabulary, dialogue, cultural insights, and language points.

Each session can be booked for an individual or a group (maximum 20 people), with a fixed fee charged for delivery at your business premises regardless of the class size.

We will contact you to arrange a time that suits you the best.

A $299 per group session (1 to 20 people), including GST. Each session runs for 1 hour.

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