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The China Studies Seminar Series has two main aims. First, to provide La Trobe University researchers and visiting academics with a forum to introduce and discuss their China-related research interests with colleagues, and so foster a distinct esprit de corps for our researchers who have an interest in China or whose work involves collaboration with Chinese researchers.

Second, it provides a forum for regional, interstate and international scholars and researchers to present their research to the public and the broader academic community in the form of high profile public lectures.

Rudd on the PM years

Wednesday 24 October 06:30pm

He was the man elected on a rising tide of fresh ideas and enthusiasm, but within three years in office the Kevin 07 bandwagon had come to an end after a bitter internal coup that has set an overriding theme for federal politics ever since.

Chinese lizards and the Game of Thrones

Thursday 25 October 02:30pm

China Studies Research Centre Seminar Series

Influence of Sustainability Scholarship on Workplace Competencies – The Empirical Evidence from China

Thursday 01 November 02:30pm

China Studies Research Centre Seminar Series

Happiness and Associated Factors in China: A Sociological Analysis

Thursday 08 November 02:30pm

China Studies Research Centre Seminar Series

Chinese Studies Association of Australia the 16th Biennial Conference

Monday 01 July 09:00am

Engaging Chinese Scholarship: New Directions, New Challenges