Shared Decision Making: Literature

On this page we provide you with links to open source articles that we have found helpful to understand shared decision making and how it can be implemented. The links and content of each category will be regularly updated as new resources are identified.

If you have any questions or want to suggest resources you think should be included on this Community of Practice, please email us.

New downloadable Book

Achieving Person-Centred Care Systems, Evidence, Strategies and Challenges’ was published by Cambridge University Press in July 2020. This great book includes a chapter - Chapter 11 - by France Legaré, Dawn Stacey and others, which is a comprehensive overview of shared decision making (SDM). It covers definitions, law and policy support in various countries including Australia, outcomes of SDM, practical tools, measurement issues and what is needed for moving forward.

The book is free to download and is essential background reading for anyone involved in SDM policy, planning and implementation.

Effectiveness of decision aids

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Shared decision making with culturally and linguistically diverse populations

Literacy and shared decision making

  • Kirsten McCaffery et al., 2010. The challenge of shared decision making among patients with lower literacy: a framework for research and development. Medical Decision Making. Access here:
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Measuring effectiveness

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Communicating with consumers

Shared decision making and policy

Shared decision making in Australia

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