Shared Decision Making project

The research Centre for Health Communication and Participation (CHCP) is excited to be partnering with Safer Care Victoria on a Shared Decision Making (SDM) in healthcare project during 2020.

SDM is an evidenced based approach used by health services to address standard two of the Australian National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards (NSQHS) - Partnering with Consumers [External website]. This standard aims to ensure that patients, carers and family members are partners in the design, delivery and evaluation of healthcare systems and services. Importantly, the standard emphasizes that patients are given the opportunity to be partners in their own care.

In Victoria, SDM is has been allocated its own domain in Safer Care Victoria’s  Partnering in Healthcare framework [External website]. The Framework describes SDM as the process by which informed health decisions are made by consumers (patients and their carers or family members) and health professionals using best available evidence and discussion of preferences. The Safer Care Victoria highlights the role that decision aids and decision coaching play in SDM in the Partnering in healthcare self-assessment [WORD 135KB]).

Twenty one Victorian public health services have selected the SDM domain as a priority for their service.

The project

Eight Victorian public health services were competitively selected to pilot the development, testing and implementing of decision guides/aids in 2020. The pilot project is funded by Safer Care Victoria [External website] and implemented in partnership with the CHCP.

Professor Dawn Stacey, University of Ottawa, is internationally recognised for her work in SDM and is co-author of the Cochrane decision aids review [External website]. Professor Stacey is working with CHCP to share her expertise and knowledge to support the pilot sites to develop SDM processes and decision guides/aids for use in their services.

Project activities

  • completing the Shared Decision Making masterclass (November 2019)
  • designing and implementing an SDM process and tool or guide to address a specific consumer audience and decision at their service
  • participate in SDM implementation training (March 2020)
  • establish an SDM Community of Practice for Victorian pilot sites and other services pursuing SDM.

Partner sites

  • Alfred Health
  • Barwon Health
  • Bass Coast Health
  • Bendigo Health
  • Kooweerup Regional Health Service
  • Kyabram District Health Service
  • Mansfield District Health
  • St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne.

Project team

  • Ms Nami Nelson, Project Manager and Research Officer
  • Professor Dawn Stacey, international expert from University of Ottawa
  • Associate Professor, Dr Sophie Hill, Project Lead.