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Rebecca Ryan, Jessie Kaufman, Annie Synnot, Dianne Lowe, Jack Nunn, Bronwen Merner, Anne Parkhill, Sophie Hill, Louisa Walsh. Not shown: Terry Hoo, KowLin Leong, Nami Nelson, Lina Schonfeld

The Research Centre for Health Communication and Participation (CHCP) sits within the School of Psychology and Public Health, College of Science, Health and Engineering at La Trobe University.

The Centre for Health Communication and Participation’s mission is to improve health communication with and participation by consumers and carers through evidence-informed policy and decision making. The Centre is also home to Cochrane Consumers and Communication which focuses on evaluating the evidence on how people interact with and experience health care (i.e. 'communication and participation').

Dr Sophie Hill, Associate Professor and Coordinating Editor of Cochrane Consumers and Communication, leads the Centre.

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