Self learning AI based cognitive analytics

The current information or digital age characterised by the computerization of information has resulted in the advent of big data where conventional data mining techniques struggle in the face of highly complex data with massive volumes, variability and variety.

A new cognitive analytics platform is being built as a solution using a new paradigm in artificial intelligence (AI) based on over a decade of research into the frontiers of:

  • artificial intelligence,
  • cognitive science,
  • computational neuroscience, and
  • cognitive psychology.

The core of the technology is built using self-learning artificial intelligence which dynamically self-evolve to represent a new situation. The first versions of the new algorithms have been implemented on parallel computing platforms and are currently being trialed in a variety of domains inclusive of:

  • video and image analysis,
  • Internet of Things (IOT) data,
  • text,
  • and social media analytics.