Bunji – A Personalised Chatbot with Cognitive Skills for Mental Health Assistance

Image of robot and chats on mobile phonesThis research will contribute towards addressing mental health issues (MHI) by developing an affordable, accessible, and affective mobile technology that provides personalised assistance and self-care support to individuals with MHI, while being mindful, responsible and ethical of the sensitive and confidential nature of such issues.

More specifically, we seek to:

  1. Design a prototypical model of a chatbot focused on Behavioural Activation (BA) with emotions-driven interactions, in consultation with our external partners, St John’s Ambulance (SJA) and La Trobe Student Counselling services (LTSC)
  2. Develop the prototype using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Affective Computing (AC) techniques, and
  3. Evaluate in real-life settings, with the support of SJA and LTSC.