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How are COVID-19 vaccines approved and commercialised?

La Trobe biochemistry alumna Dr Rosalie Cull is working with Moderna to bring their COVID-19 mRNA vaccine to Australia. She explains what’s involved in getting the latest vaccines to market.

Focus on Alyce Mayfosh

For Dr Alyce Mayfosh it’s not enough to simply know the Periodic Table of Elements, she can rap them!

Meet a leading evolutionary geneticist who’s solving everything from biodiversity loss to the spread of mosquito-borne disease

Laureate Professor Ary Hoffmann applies evolutionary thinking to solve all kinds of complex problems. He shares how his career-defining discovery is helping defeat dengue fever, along with his fondest La Trobe memories.

Cardiovascular Research Receives MRFF Grant

La Trobe University scientists are part of a cardiovascular research team that will receive a $2.8 million MRFF grant.

From boy scientist to PhD

Meet Matthew Hein, a LIMS PhD student

Painting picture of breast cancer spread

Deeper understanding of how breast cancer moves into vital organs

Solving a 25-year T cell conundrum

How T cells are triggered when they encounter an infection or virus

Can ingesting cow milk-derived vesicles improve cancer treatment outcomes?

Research indicates drinking cow's milk may help conrol cancer growth

Combating long-term effects of COVID

Australian scientists closer to preventing long-term lung damage

Meet 5 cancer researchers

LIMS researchers face the cancer challenge on multiple fronts

La Trobe secures $6 million for research

Medical Research Future Fund supports La Trobe projects

Researching the common cold and COVID-19

How the common cold might help immune cells see the COVID-19 virus

Testing hope for prion disease

A team led by Professor Andrew Hill and Dr Lesley Cheng have identified cell particles in the blood, known as extracellular vesicles, that may help to diagnose CJD

Cell remnants’ role in cancer biology

New discovery shows how cells communicate information

Artwork showcases rich collaboration

Public artwork results from rich collaboration between artist and scientist

Discovery makes the invisible visible

Researchers have enhanced an almost 100-year-old imaging technique

Funding to give hope to people with MS

Neuroscientist receives significant grant from MS Research Australia

La Trobe leads fight against sepsis

Scientists discover potential 'Goldilocks' approach to treating sepsis

Ancient rites of cell death revealed

World's simplest animal provides new insights into cell death

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