Social connections

Bendigo has a rich cultural heritage. It has been home to the first people of Dja Dja Wurrung for tens of thousands of years and the city pays homage through the naming of significant places such as Ulumbarra Theatre.

It was the gold rush of the 1850s that saw Bendigo grow as a major town of the region with 20 per cent of the population from China; working as miners and merchants. The boom brought wealth to the region for the next 90 years which can be seen in the architecture, cultural events and hardworking community spirit of today.


Bendigo is a city with an abundance of community events which are inclusive and engaging for all ages and interests.


Our community thrives on interaction. From sporting clubs to social clubs there are ways to be entertained, keep active, perform, exhibit or just be connected throughout the Bendigo region.

Community Groups

The La Trobe Student Association has a vast array of clubs within the university but if you're looking more broadly, these  pages may interest you:-