La Trobe Asia Research Grant Program

From 2014 - 2020 the La Trobe Asia Research Grant Program awarded up to $5,000 to assist La Trobe University research projects on Asian topics and themes or in collaboration with institutions in Asia. The grants also enabled Asia-based fieldwork and data collection as required.

Unfortunately the grant program ended at the end of 2020, however a list of all grant recipients and their projects are listed below for your interest and information.


Dr Kevin Yap, (Public Health)
Project title: Development of a Serious Game for Healthcare Professional Competency Training of Medication Safety in Singapore

Dr Anoo Bhopti, (Occupational Therapy)
Project title: The impact of having a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder on family quality of life in Vietnam

Professor Maarten van den Buuse, (Psychology and Counselling)
Project title: Early life stress, genes, and the risk for psychiatric disorders: a collaborative Melbourne/Singapore pre-clinical study

Dr Gerald Roche, (Politics, Media and Philosophy)
Project title: Investigating Khengka, a Minoritized Language of Bhutan

Dr Thomas McNamara, (Social Inquiry)
Project title: Working for Development: Contested Imaginaries of Labour and Trade Unionism on Myanmar's BRI Initiatives

Dr Jane Willcox, (Dietetics and Human Nutrition)
Project title: Establishing a model for disseminating and implementing antenatal nutrition research in Indonesia

Dr Sallie Yea, (Humanities and Social Sciences)
Project title: Climate Change and Precarious Labour Migration: Exploring the Links in South Asia


Dina Afrianty and Patrick Keyzer (Law) 
Project Title: Disability Law and Policy Reform in Indonesia

Graham Brown with Adam Bourne and David O'Keefe (Australian Research Centre in Sex Health and Society) 
Project Title: Valuing the central role of community in the Asia and Pacific HIV response.

Sabrina Gupta, Peter Higgs
(Public Health), Jency Thomas and Markandeya Jois (Anatomy, Physiology Anatomy & Microbiology).
Project Title: Social and Cultural factors that influence self-medication habits of people with diabetes in Karnataka, India - health professionals perspectives.

Mofi Islam (Public Health) 
Project Title: Access to and utilization of reproductive healthcare services by the underage girls married off in Rohingya Camp, Bangladesh.

Mihwa Lee (Biochemistry and Genetics) 
Project Title: Double lives? RNA-binding proteins in DNA damage response

Phuc Nguyen (Management, Sport and Tourism) 
Project Title: Welfare-to-work Services across Asia

Tshepo Rasekaba (John Richards Centre for Rural Ageing Research)
Project Title: Exploring Digital and Health Literacy among older people in rural India

Kayli Wild (Judith Lumley Centre & Centre for Human Security and Social Change) 
Project Title: Violence and reproductive rights: The complexity of access to family planning for women subjected to violence and implications for policy in Timor-Leste.


Anoo Bhopti (Community and Clinical Allied Health)
Project Title: Family Quality of Life in India - A collaboration between La Trobe University and ADAPT, Mumbai, India

Bradley Christian (Dentistry and Oral Health)
Project Title: To study the natural history of dental caries in children aged 6-60 months in collaboration with collaborator from India

Maria Elander (Law)
Project Title: Visualising international criminal justice

Lauren Gawne (Languages and Linguistics)
Project Title: Tone perception across the senses: Comparing Mandarin Chinese bilinguals and Australia monolingual English speakers

Benjamin Habib (Politics and Philosophy)
Project Title: Permaculture as a transnational social movement

Emerald King (Languages and Linguistics)
Project Title: Cosplay (costume play) in any language - interrogating language usage at the World Cosplay Summit

Jose Ramos (Ecology, Environment and Evolution)
Project Title: Robots in the wild.  Using a robotic model to understand signal function in free living Chinese lizards

Rebecca Strating and Alex Davis (Politics and Philosophy)
Project Title: Comparing the influence of occupation in East Timor and Sikkim on Indian and Indonesian post-colonial state identity construction and foreign policy

Dirk Tomsa (Politics and Philosophy)
Project Title: Pollsters and Populism in Indonesia

Monika Winarnita with Irene Blackberry (Communications and Media / The John Richards Centre for Rural Ageing Research)
Project Title: Opportunities and Constraints for Asian female caregivers in Australia's aged care industry


Patricia Fenner (Public Health)
Project Title: Extending our understanding of the lived experience of women who parent alone in Malaysia: an art therapy focus group study in Kuala Nerus, Terengganu, Malaysia

Mumtaz Hussain (Mathematics and Statistics)
Project Title: Diophantine Approximation, Dynamical Systems and Ergodic Theory

Sonia Reisenhofer (Nursing and Midwifery)
Project Title: An evaluation of the continuing professional development needs of nurses in Indonesia

Peter van der Kamp (Mathematics and Statistics)
Project Title: Duality in Discrete Integrable Systems


Susan Chong (Public Health)
Project Title: Showing up late: Understanding the delay in treatment seeking among people with HIV in Malaysia

Emma Dalton (Languages and Linguistics)
Project Title: Gender inequality in Japanese Political Life

Shannon Hedtke (Animal, Plant and Soil Sciences)
Project Title: Detecting and monitoring disease-causing filarial nematodes in India

Jason Jiang (Centre of Alcohol Policy and Research)
Project Title: Effects of change in alcohol policy on traffic injuries in China

Jency Thomas (Physiology, Anatomy and Microbiology)
Project Title: The effects of diabetes on cognitive function and investigating the role of traditional food plants on health in Niligiris Hills Ooty, Mysore – India

Brooke Wilmsen (Social Inquiry)
Project Title: China's "Going Out Policy": Investigating the impacts of its investment at the Bui Dam, Ghana


Melanie Bish and Sonia Reisenhofer (Nursing and Midwifery)
Project Title: Exploring the impact of international professional learning experiences on the development of cultural competence in undergraduate nursing students across metropolitan and regional campuses of La Trobe University

Lisa Chaffey and Christine Bigby (Living with a Disability Research Centre)
Project Title: What are the gaps to implementing a rights-based disability approach with people with spinal cord injury and related neurological disabilities in Pacific Island countries?

Markandeya Jois (Physiology, Anatomy and Microbiology)
Project title: Development of automated micro-fluidic system for the study of nutrient-gene interactions using the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans as a model organism

Emiko Kahsima (Psychology and Counseling)
Project Title: The impacts of culture, personality and genetics on people's reactions to social threats including their neuronal, psychological and behavioural reactions

James Leibold and Yangbin Chen (Politics and Philosophy / Languages and Linguistics)
Project Title: Diversity and Belonging: China's Dislocated Ethnic Minority Schooling Regime

Zhanming Liang and George Liu (Public Health)
Project Title:Pilot whether core competencies for Victorian Health Service Managers are applicable to Chinese Health Service Managers

Bandita Mainali (Engineering)
Project Title: Developing a Conceptual Model for Spatial Integration of Waste Management Data in Kathmandu

Seema Miglani and Kamran Ahmed (Accounting)
Project Title: Corporate Governance, Executive Compensation and Indian Business Groups: Evidence from an Emerging Economy

Howard Nicholas and Donna Stark (Education)
Project Title: Reflections on the communication challenges of life and learning in Australia: Narratives of Vietnamese international higher degree students

Yuri Nikolayevsky (Mathematics and Statistics)
Project Title: Homogenous geometric structures from the viewpoint of Submanifold geometry

Richard Peters (Ecology, Environment and Evolution)
Project Title: Structure and function of tail flicking in Phrynocephalus lizards of China

Jan Strugnell (Biochemistry and Genetics)
Project Title: A phylogenomic approach to resolving phylogenetic relationships in the Class Cephalopoda

Jim Whelan (Animal, Plant and Soil Sciences)
Project Title: Bio-informatics analyses of large datasets in China


Josephine Barbaro (OTARC)
Project Title: Comparison of SACS and M-CHAT screening tools in China and Victoria

Patricia Fenner (Public Health)
Project Title: Arts and mental health in Samoa

Andrew Gilmore (Management and Marketing)
Project title: Measuring Trust of Foreign Suppliers in the Chinese Food Supply Chain

Ben Habib (Politics and Philosophy)
Project Title: North Korea and the UN Framework Convention on climate change: Socialising a 'rogue state'

Nicola Henry (Social Inquiry)
Project Title: The World Courts of Women: Rethinking Transitional Justice Responses to Conflict-Related Gender-Based Violence

Nicholas Herriman (Social Inquiry)
Project Title:Gerald Gardner and modern witchcraft movements in Indonesia and Malaysia

Markandeya Jois (Physiology, Anatomy and Microbiology)
Project Title: Application of a microfluidic devise for studies on nutrient-gene interactions using Caenorhabditis elegans as a model organism

Ron Knevel (Dentistry and Oral Health)
Project Title: Comparing of career choice motivation and perceptions of students in Nepal

Tomasz Kowalski (Mathematics and Statistics)
Project Title: Algebraic and Proof-Theoretical Aspects of Bi-Intuitionistic Logic

Megan Maher (Biochemistry and Genetics)
Project Title: The Structural characterization of  membrane proteins

Dirk Tomsa (Politics and Philosophy)
Project Title: Corruption and Local Politics in Indonesia's Outer Islands

Jasmine Westendorf (Politics and Philosophy)
Project Title: Understanding the successes and failures of the negotiated peace settlement in Nepal

Kayli Wild (Judith Lumley Centre)
Project Title: Maternal health policy and maternity services in post-conflict Timor-Leste

Ian Woolford (Languages and Linguistics)
Project Title: North Indian Folksong and the World - Sampling Indian Literature and the Global Field