La Trobe Asia has been established to provide leadership on all aspects of the University's engagement with Asia. It is a unique effort by an Australian university to focus on Asia with a 'whole of University' perspective and to make Asia a key part of our teaching, research and external engagement. The creation of La Trobe Asia reflects our belief in the importance of the ways in which Asia is changing both to Australia and the world and the need for universities to provide leadership in grappling with these momentous changes.

La Trobe has a long history of expertise in Asia: it is one of two universities in Australia that teach the major Asian languages Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian and Hindi; it pioneered Asian Studies in Australia; and from its foundation has developed strong links with universities across the region.

La Trobe Asia will:

  • Establish an Asia Knowledge Hub that will centralize the University's rich knowledge of Asia so that it can better used by staff and students
  • Provide a focal point for the University's many scholars who are engaged in research and teaching on and in the region and to showcase their work
  • Connect external stakeholders to our active, policy-relevant research community
  • Promote the Asia Research grant program available to La Trobe staff
  • Strengthen and deepen our external networks in region, including with university, governments, think tanks and NGOs.
  • Host public events, seminars and conferences
  • Lead and inform public debate in Australia about Asia and contribute to public debate in the region

The La Trobe Asia Team

Our office is in Room W104
Level 1, David Myers Building West

T: +61 3 9479 5414
E: asia@latrobe.edu.au
TW: @latrobeasia

Dr Euan Graham - Executive Director

Dr Graham joined La Trobe Asia from the Lowy Institute, where he led the International Security Program. Dr Graham has specialised in Asian security and international relations throughout a career spanning consultancy, think tanks, diplomacy and academia.

Starting out in Southeast Asian studies, he went on to specialise in Japan’s sea-lane security for his doctorate, obtained from the Australian National University, in 2003. He maintains an active interest in maritime Asia.

After working as an Asia editor for Oxford Analytica, Dr Graham joined the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, covering Northeast Asia and Southeast Asia as a senior analyst, including  diplomatic experience in Manila and Pyongyang. In 2011, he joined the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, in Singapore, as a senior fellow in maritime security, teaching postgraduates and senior military officers.

Since joining the Lowy Institute, in 2015, Dr Graham has established himself as a prominent voice in Australia’s foreign and strategic debates, reflecting his understanding of Asia’s dynamics and Canberra’s policy environment. He has published widely on the South China Sea and North Korea, as well as less-covered topics, such as Australia’s security relations with Singapore. He is quoted regularly in the Australian and international media.

T: 9479 5299
E: Euan.Graham@latrobe.edu.au

Diana Heatherich

Senior Project Officer

T: 9479 5414
M: 0402 019 615
E: d.heatherich@latrobe.edu.au

Matt Smith

Digital Communications Producer

T: 9479 5513
E: matthew.smith@latrobe.edu.au


The creation of La Trobe Asia.


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