About the institute

Laurie Davies, Big Moon Tree, Axedale, 2014

The La Trobe Art Institute is an ambitious vision, an aspirational institution looking towards a redefinition of the role of the university art museum in the 21st century.

The Institute (LAI) brings together all art related activities across the University’s multiple campuses. These include contemporary exhibition spaces and the ongoing care and maintenance of the University’s extensive cultural collections of contemporary and historical artworks, social history and ethnographic objects.

International recognition for La Trobe University in growing cultural and creative discourse is a core tenet; embedding creative thinking and design-led approaches within current and future practice and throughout the University’s diverse communities.

La Trobe University will be recognised as a national leader in the arts, and the Australian university of choice for local, regional, national and international arts and cultural industry partnerships.

La Trobe Art Institute will position La Trobe University as a significant cultural institution within the wider creative industries ecosystem. By building upon La Trobe’s history and strengths, the LAI will become a catalyst for innovation and art appreciation; and an influential advocate and role model for the sector’s role in underpinning the social, cultural and economic welfare of our vibrant, connected and creative communities.

La Trobe University Art Strategy, July 2016

You may also be interested in La Trobe University's Art Strategy [PDF 1.6MB]

What we do

We develop arts in Victoria by:

  • promoting culture and the arts across the state
  • coordinating regional exhibition, public outreach and education programs

We partner with regional, metropolitan and commercial galleries, museums, arts festivals, industries, research and not-for-profit organisations. These partnerships create a dynamic program of sponsorships, niche subject accreditation, conferences/symposia and internships. The La Trobe Art Institute is committed to the cultural legacy of the University, and will actively work to affirm and grow links with both internal and external stakeholders.

The LAI will have close ties with the Department of Creative Arts and English, working with academic staff to provide robust content for the Institute’s educative programming.  The Institute will be in a position to offer La Trobe students and members of the public the opportunity to participate in both established programs and new initiatives.

Facility Hire

The LAI gallery also offers a unique space to host conferences, public seminars and social events.