Addressing gender and sexuality in drug education

Developing effective and ethical drug education


Dr Adrian Farrugia

While the necessity of drug education is commonly accepted, debates about the merits of prevention or harm reduction goals and effective forms of delivery continue. Despite these debates, policymakers and researchers continue to position classroom-based programs as central to efforts to reduce alcohol and other drug-related harm among young people. By collecting and analysing in-depth qualitive interviews with young people, this project will produce urgently needed detailed understandings of, experiences of and meanings given to drug education by its key subjects: young people. Undertaking interviews with drug education stakeholders, a key innovation of this project is to make the field of drug education itself the focus of analysis. By analysing the data collected in these interviews alongside those from interviews with young people, this project will also generate new knowledge on whether and in what ways young people’s concerns align with the concerns of the developers of drug education curricula.

Partners & funding

The research is funded by a DECRA grant from the Australian Research Council (DE220100028).


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