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Our work is organised around four key themes, summarised below:

Rainbow-shaped mylar helium balloon in front of trees and blue skyLGBTIQ health and wellbeing

ARCSHS is the largest research centre focussed on LGBTIQ health and wellbeing in Australia, and since the 1990s has led the field internationally in investigating the experiences and needs of LGBTIQ communities. This research theme aims to advance knowledge of the lives of LGBTIQ individuals and communities, particularly as they relate to health and wellbeing. The new knowledge produced is used by the Centre and others to lead public discussion around the experiences of LGBTIQ communities, and to inform service delivery and policy responses.

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Group of people with their arms around each others' shoulders, smiling up at the cameraSocial responses to HIV and viral hepatitis

ARCSHS has long delivered high-quality strategic research that addresses international issues, and also informs Australia’s HIV and viral hepatitis national strategies. This research theme is focussed on the experiences, wellbeing and social connections of people living with HIV and viral hepatitis. It also addresses the role, quality and impact of community and peer-led social responses, and their influence in community and policy systems. The theme outcomes advance knowledge on the relationships between community, policy and health services, and inform prevention, testing, treatment and care, and community and peer-led interventions.

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Close up of two people holding hands, one with white pants, a blue t-shirt and black watch, one with a black jacket with three gold pilot's stripes on the cuff, decorative belt chains and diamante bracelet Sexual health and wellbeing

ARCSHS is a leader in research on sexual health and wellbeing, including experiences of sexuality and sexual health across the life course, from young people to older people. With repeated funding under the national STI strategies, we also track young people’s sexual health knowledge, practice and behaviours, and their experiences of sexual health education and prevention. This research theme builds new knowledge, fosters public discussion, and informs interventions in ways that foreground healthy sexuality and pleasure as positive intimate and social expressions.

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Intersecting coloured circles matching the Drugs, Gender and Sexuality Project logoSex, gender and consumption

A relatively new area of research for ARCSHS focuses on sex, gender and consumption. The rise of the consumer society worldwide since the middle of the 20th century has redefined key notions of the self, productivity and responsibility in contemporary life. From shopping, digital sociality, and the healthy body as identity project, to alcohol and other drug use, and other marginalised consumption activity, consumption is sexualised and gendered in ways that shape social, health and other supports and responses. ARCSHS aims to understand the rich dynamics at work in the sexual and gender meanings of consumption in order to enhance academic and public discourse and inform relevant policy responses and service provision. .

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